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Skid-steer, Backhoe, Driveway, Footings

Things have been happening quickly here! The first semblance of my home is coming together and I am over the moon!

How about some pictures?

Looking down the new driveway.

Pit dug for the septic tank and

Septic tank lateral line and tank installed.

Foundation forms with insulation and plumbing.

Eventual view from the South facing window wall.

Detail of the footings trench.

Progress is being made! All of this took place over about 2 weeks and concrete is due anytime. I have all the plumbing in the slab for the bathroom and kitchen including the drains to the septic system. The footing insulation is R-10 and should help hold heat inside the house with the hydronic heating system. To be added is concrete, reinforcing steel in the footings and slab, under slab insulation, and plumbing for the hydronic heating system. The last month has been crazy and includes adobe making classes I just got back from yesterday. I know this is a short update but the next one will be more comprehensive.

Stay Groovy

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